About us

Goals and tasks

Polish Shipowners' Association (ZAP) has been bringing together Polish shipping companies for almost a century. The organisation was established in Gdynia in 1929 and since then it has been an entity that has been shaping the conditions for the development of the Polish merchant and fishing fleets as well as the entire Polish maritime economy.

The basic tasks

of the Association are to protect the rights and represent the interests of its members toward the Polish government, local authorities and other national institutions, but also vis-à-vis international organisations. Thanks to a group of outstanding professionals from the maritime industry, the Association provides a professional level of service, in accordance with international standards, in legal, technical, documentary etc. areas.

Polish Shipowners' Association

shapes and implements the principles of safety and freedom of international shipping and counteracts discriminatory practices in foreign trade. It supports entrepreneurial initiatives and shapes and improves principles of fair conduct in maritime business.


Management Board

Andrzej Wróblewski

Jacek Wiśniewski
Vice President

Marcin Talwik
Board Member

Bogumił Łączyński †
Vice President

Audit Committee

Tadeusz Hatalski

Alicja Węgrzyn
Board Member

Adrian Kołczewiak
Board Member

Secretary General

Robert Wilczyński