Annual General Meeting in Kołobrzeg

The Annual General Meeting of the Polish Shipowners’ Association was held on 25 April 2023. This time ZAP members gathered in Kołobrzeg.

Traditionally, the Annual General Meeting included the adoption of the reports of ZAP’s bodies and the discharge of the members of these bodies, as well as the adoption of ZAP’s financial statements and the establishment of the budget for 2023.

In connection with plans to rejoin the European Community Shipowners` Associations (ECSA), ZAP members elected an additional Board Member, Mr Marcin Talwik was elected, who was entrusted with the task of coordinating ZAP’s contacts with foreign institutions.

During the meeting, ZAP’s members were also informed about the works with the participation of ZAP’s representatives on the amendment of national regulations concerning social insurance of seafarers living in the territory of the Republic of Poland employed on foreign-flagged ships and about the works on the amendment of national regulations concerning taxation of shipping activity (tonnage tax), consisting in the adaptation of national regulations to the rules in force in the EU countries.